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  • Doug S


    Really like the massage oil, very soothing and relaxing. Will be trying the salve next to help with my arthritic knees. Great products and fast shipping. Thanks!

    Suzy K


    The rub works great on my sore muscles, love the Lavener scent.

    Christina H


    The salve worked great. I tried it for my cramping and headaches and it worked wonders. They had the package out the next day and the customer service was great.

    Rod S


    I have personally used all of these products for two years. They work very well for me. I have sciatic nerve pain that gets very extreme. I have had great success with the massage oil in that area. I also have arthritis in pretty much every joint in my body. The salves work very well to alleviate pain and improve stiffness. I also have bulging discs in my neck that radiate pain down my neck and into my shoulders. I use a combination if salve and or massage oil on that area. You do not have to constantly apply it. It is a longer lasting than any other CBD oil out there on the market. I highly recommend 2 Angels Products. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!



    I just got this product and saw how quickly it works! I have now told my whole family! The Lavender scent smells amazing too! The owner is very knowledgeable and very kind! Highly recommend!

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